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A Chic Corporate Event That Was Anything But "Corporate"


    Retreats Resources is a collaborative firm that connects top-tier luxury destinations with event specialists in cities all over the Southeast and beyond. Their recent Classic Southeast Roadshow traveled through Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Greenville, Atlanta, and Birmingham, where they hosted one of their immersive Connoisseurs Circle events at Dread River Distilling Co.

    Event leaders greet guests at the front entrance.
    Luxury Destination representative set up their stations throughout the elegant space.
    A representative of The Grand Bohemian

    “We chose Dread River because it perfectly fit our Roaring ‘20s theme,” said Whitney Bradley, Vice President and Director of Marketing for Retreats Resources, noting the seamless service as a standout element of the event. “The service was impeccable. Everyone was cordial, professional, and seemed to be empowered to make things happen. When you host an event somewhere and there are a lot of moving parts, it’s refreshing and helpful when the staff just ‘gets it done’ without having to go somewhere to ask permission.”

    The service was rivaled only by the culinary offerings and creative cocktails. “The quality and taste of the food was the most surprising part—both the food and the drinks were off the chain! Everyone was blown away,” said Whitney. “I, personally, loved the smoked lavender Old Fashioned and the violet gin cocktail. The spring rolls were my favorite, too.”

    The hyboys cocktail features Dread River Gin with edible violets and maraschino liqueur.
    Smoked Lavender Old Fashioned
    Sesame ahi tuna spoons

    Representatives of luxury destinations across the globe shared information and resources with an array of local event specialists, some of whom were enjoying Dread River for the first time. “Our favorite thing about hosting at Dread River was that it was somewhat ‘new’ to our attendees, and many of them noted that they loved it and would be back,” said Whitney. “We like introducing new venues and quality event spaces to our event planner guests.”

    Connections and collaborative partnerships were formed over laid-back conversation, smoked lavender Old Fashioneds, Hyboys violet gin cocktail, and decadent bites from Dread River’s new in-house Chef Brad Mizerany, which included sesame ahi tuna spoons, caprese salad cups, chicken salad sliders, Philly spring rolls, crispy Asian orange chicken, housemade meatballs, butternut squash shooters, pickled green beans, and more. It was a corporate event that felt anything but “corporate.” Elegant and laid-back, the venue provided a comfortable, airy space conducive to effortless networking and great conversation.

    “I’d recommend Dread River because there wasn’t a single negative thing I can think of about the venue, staff, cuisine, or cocktails,” said Whitney. “All was fantastic!”

    A server passes the crispy Asian orange chicken hors d'oeuvres.
    Buffet of culinary bites
    Colleagues were beaming by the end of the evening.

    Thank you to photographer Haley Babbitt and Retreats Resources for sharing these lovely images with us!

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